January 18, 2016 07:21 PM Eastern Standard Time

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Big Play Scoring, the pioneer and leader of skill-based sports data aggregation and validation, announced today it has received additional intellectual property protection for its golf platform and Point Valuation System™ in the form of patent US 9,199,177 B2 titled Performance Based Golf Scoring System. This new patent, which was awarded to the Company by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on February 22, 2015, is, a continuation of its patented technology which dates back to 2011.

This patent serves to further protect Big Play Scoring methodology and technology surrounding the processing of real-time, play-by-play action of Certified Big Plays℠ via the Point Valuation System™ into a unique and statistically validated data set that measures the momentum of the game and the efficiency and frequency of performance at the team, unit, and player level. Big Play Scoring has also received patent awards for football, baseball, and basketball data aggregation and scoring methodologies.

“Patent awards such as this are a confirmation Big Play Scoring envisioned this shift in the world of sports and developed these data aggregation methodologies in anticipation of the various changes that may come as the broadcast and fantasy marketplace recognizes the need for data models that validate skill-based selections at both the player and team level,” said Jack Stanfield, Big Play Scoring’s chairman of the board. “From Big Play Scoring’s inception in 2011, we recognized the sports industry was not static, and must evolve to meet the demands of broadcast and second-screen content. Our StarrMax Platform™ and technology has been designed to account for the most relevant, compelling and impactful plays on the field, court or course. Our progressive thinking gives our partners and players visibility to the true value of big plays.”

“Big Play Scoring anticipated the limitations of conventional scoring methodologies and attribution models that tried to provide insights, and has built our Point Valuation System with this in mind. That meant we need to start with a unique set of data, not using the same aggregate data used by the rest of the industry. Thus, we set-out to build a statistically validated methodology calculating real-time team unit frequency and efficiency data with player insights derived from Certified Big Plays℠,” stated Michael Knapp, chief concept officer.

Big Play Scoring’s patent portfolio includes 5 issued patents and 7 international patent applications pending.

About Big Play Scoring

Big Play Scoring (BPS) is a technology-based sports data aggregation and gamification company providing new and engaging content for sports entertainment and related industries. The patented Point Valuation System™ and StarrMax℠ Platform™ transforms real-time, play-by-play information into real‐time statistical visibility of momentum, efficiency, and frequency of Certified Big Plays℠. These statistics and insights are made available through a “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) model for use in broadcasting, gamification, and sports analysis. The StarrMax℠ Platform is designed to be a next generation statistics hub that provides for content sharing, payment transactions and deployment of mobile apps, web services, and enterprise cloud‐based data delivery.

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